Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paint Stick Snowman

At the beginning of the school year, when we go to meet the kids' teachers and see their classrooms, there are always sign-up sheets for the parents.  Sign-up to volunteer, to go on field trips, plan class parties, take work home, donate extra supplies, join the pta, and so on.  I have a hard time not signing up for everything.  Well, let's face it, I do sign-up for everything!  And I love it!

At the end of November, I received a letter from my Big Guys teacher stating that I had signed up to plan the Holiday party.  YEAH!  So, I went to work researching and brainstorming ideas and themes.  I went with a snowman theme.  I wanted a snowman project for a class of 25 third graders that was semi-easy and could be done in about 10 minutes...and I found what I thought was the perfect one.  And now that it is all said and done, it was the perfect one!

I found the idea here on Crafts by Amanda, who was also planning this craft for a class Holiday party. 

These Paint Stick Snowmen are super cute and were a big hit among the students, parents and teachers. 

Here is the snowman I made ahead, for an example
  A few days before the party, I picked up a very small can of white paint and a large handful (about 40) of paint sticks at the local hardware store.  Painted both side of the paint stick white, which took several coats and definitely more than I expected!  That was a little time consuming, but easy and I was able to do other things between coats.  I cut felt squares for the hat as well as the material for the scarves. 

Some of the student's snowmen and snowladies:-)

my Big Guy and his friend (my friend's daughter) with their snowmen
 I have to say that the project, with this some of the prep done ahead of time, only took the students 10-12 minutes!  Very quick considering the outcome!

I love them!   I actually liked this project even more after all of the kids were done because it was fun to see the uniqueness in each snowman. 

Have a great day!


  1. Those are really cute! Now I know who to contact when it's my turn to plan a kids craft : )

  2. Adorable!!! Very creative. They all look so cute standing together! I bet the kids loved them!