Thursday, December 8, 2011

Creating Christmas- Day Five: Gift Tags and a Hair Clip

I have been working on some gift tags for the gifts we are going to give our family.  They are super cute and because they're handmade, they give a special touch to the gift.  Plus on all of the girl's gifts, I am adding a snowman hair clip.

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Dina, over at 30ish Mama, asked me to make some hair clips for her.  I have made all sorts of Christmas hair clips, like korker bows, flowers, Christmas tree, reindeer, etc.  So many, but I had never made a snowman before.  Of course, I googled it...and found this fabulous tutorial on How She Does It

I think it looks awesome on the gift tag, don't you?

In all seriousness, I would love to get the card with the snowman clip!  I could find somewhere to clip him...he makes me smile because he's so cute.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Those gift tags are beautiful! It's true what they say: love is in the details. O can't wait to see the hair clips, I'm sure the girls will love them!

  2. hi there Andrea! : ) the little snowman clip is PRECIOUS!!! he makes me smile also : ) i am so honored to be co-hosting with you! wishing you the best day ever...your newest follower...Andrea! : )