Monday, October 31, 2011

The Frugal Shopper

I know what you're thinking...who takes pictures of their groceries?!?!
Ha! I do!
 This is what I bought at my favorite store this morning.  I was more than thrilled to get there right as the organic produce sale cart was coming out!  I ran, yes really ran, right over there and filled my cart with all of these fantastic finds.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was complaining that some of these women find a sale cart and will literally push others out of the way.  It happened to her at this very store!  That is definitely NOT something I would do, never.  I will share gracefully with others; however, if I get to the cart and no one else is's mine for the taking.  Hence, I got all of this for under $17.00!

I know!  There is a ton of stuff here.

4- 3# bag organic apples
4- 4-packs organic tomatoes
3- Organic strawberries
2- Organic raspberries
1- Organic lemons
1- Organic grapes
1- Organic basil
1- Carton organic eggs
1- Bag organic pasta
1- Box organic chocolate rice crispy bars

Now the problem are we going to eat all of this before it spoils?  I have a solution! I am going to make and can, or make and freeze. First on the list, homemade ketchup!  But that will be a whole other post.

Have a fabulous last day of October!

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