Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fluoride . . . Most Tap Water has it!

My husband and I have been very reluctant about the use of fluoride for several years now, especially where our children are concerned.  We have been using absolutely no fluoride for them, not in their daily brushing as we use toothpaste sans fluoride, not at the dentist, not at all! 
Now I have been hearing more and more about fluoride recently and it is not sitting well with me at all.  Fluoride has been noted in the causing of cancer, osteoporosis and reduced I.Q., just to name a few.  I have also learned that fluoride is toxic waste, well at least it was.  That was before it was being added to our water supply all over the country, leaving very few cities where fluoride is not added. 
It seems that everybody has an opinion about fluoride and it's safety, it is a very touchy and controversial subject.  In my home, though, we go as natural as possible.  And this is NOT natural!
Check out this link, from our mutually favorite website regarding health, that my husband sent me a couple of weeks ago.  It absolutely disgusts me!
If you're wondering if your water has added fluoride, check out this website:http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/MWF/Index.asp
Personally, I do not want my families drinking water to be fluoridated, so we ordered a water filtration system to remove the fluoride from our drinking water here at home.  The only way to completely remove fluoride from your water is through reverse osmosis. My handy hubby will be installing it as soon as it arrives!
This is yet again, another thing that is not normal to consume or put into our bodies.  Another thing that is swept under the rug and most people don't know about or don't know the consequences of consuming it!

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