Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'd like an order of Genetically Modified Food, Please . . . YUK!

I am sure you've heard of GMO's.  Maybe you know what it is, maybe you don't.  But what you really need to do is avoid it as much as possible, if not always! 
GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, sounds appetizing, right?  Just what you want to be putting into yours and your family's bodies, I'm sure!

This is a very unnatural way to grow our fruits, vegetables, and grains.  Genetically modifying food is actually when humans take an original plant seed (created by God), and change its make-up.  They do this so that they can, theoretically, grow more food at a faster rate. This has been proven untrue.  It is also created in such a way that when they pour on the weed and pest control poison, the genetically modified plant is not damaged.  Again, yummy!

Most corn (corn syrup, corn starch, corn meal, corn chips, corn tortillas), soy (soybean oil, soy milk), canola (canola oil) are GMO. Potatoes and tomatoes are two more highly consumed foods that are, as of late, mostly grown GMO.  Think french fries, potato chips, pizza and pasta sauce, and ketchup.  And don't forget that these things are being fed to the animals we get our meat and dairy from as well!  Here is a top ten list of foods that are genetically modified, from Healthy Child Healthy World.

Well, if you are avoiding genetically modified foods all together, as we are, that list pretty much eliminates most of our family's favorites.  The exception is that organic foods do NOT use any foods that are genetically modified.  Foods that are labeled as "natural", still can and most of the time do contain GMO's.

How our government has let this GMO thing get so big and out-of-control while they turn a blind eye, is beyond me!  Well, not really, I think it has everything to do with $$$$.  Even worse, though, is how people can hear about it and still eat this stuff regularly.  Do I ever cheat?  YES!  But at our home, you will not find it anywhere because I am careful with what comes in these doors!  That means all of the kids' lunches, snacks and our all of our meals we eat here are free of GMO's.
Check out these articles below.  Do some research yourself and find out what is in your food.

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