Thursday, October 13, 2011

My first blog post...EVER!

Welcome to Modern yet Old-Fashioned!  That is the perfect description of me, I think.  I am a modern mother and wife, yet I find myself wanting to live similarly to an "old-fashioned" woman.  I like modern things, modern technology...for the most part, but I hate that our food and toiletries, most everyday products, our environment, our world is full of unnatural chemicals that can wreak havoc on our bodies. 
I am an Orthodox Christian, the oldest Christian religion and I rely on my faith to get me through my day-to-day life.  When all else fails, PRAY!
I am thrilled to finally have an outlet where I can express myself, share things I have cooked, canned or crafted, write about my obsession with organic and all natural products, my concerns about our environment, my need to be frugal, the list goes on and on.  I hope enjoy reading!

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