Sunday, April 1, 2012

We Got It!

The kids and I took a little trip over Spring Break to Iowa to visit my family.  The first 24 hours was pretty good princess cupcake got sick.  I was praying it was a fluke; that is was something that just didn't agree with her little tummy.  A couple of hours later I was sick, then shortly following that my little dude.  It moved to my sister, who came in to see us from Minneapolis, and then to my big dude. 

However horrible I felt being sick there and exposing them to our germs; I have to admit that it was quite nice that my Mom was there to help me!  Just like old times...Mom swoops in to the rescue.  She waited on us, kept the others quiet while some of us slept.  She even cleaned up after us!

When we finally made it home, weak and weary, I got a call that my niece was now sick.  UGH! 

So, needless to say, this Spring break trip was not was I had planned.

I hope your Spring has been much better than mine, thus far!

Have a great week!

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