Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shamrock Hair Clip -Tutorial-

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner and I always like to be festive!  A couple of years ago I made this adorable shamrock hair clip.  I don't remember where I saw it, but I couldn't find it again when I I thought this would be a great FIRST one

First of all, it is really easy.  Secondly, it's really inexpensive!  What more can you ask for?

Shamrock Hair Clip

Items needed:
Green 3/8" ribbon (I used Grosgrain)
Alligator Hair Clip
Lighter or Candle
Glue Gun
E-6000 Glue (Optional)

Step One:

Cut 6 3-inch pieces of ribbon.  Singe each end by carefully and quickly passing it through the flame of a lighter or candle. This will prevent the ribbon from fraying.

Step Two:

Using a glue gun, glue the ends of two pieces of ribbon together making a right angle.

Step Three:

Take the bottom piece and glue it to the top piece, evenly above where the two pieces meet.

Step Four:

Take the unfinished side and put it over-then-under, making a "weaved" look and secure it with glue.

Step Five:

Repeat steps two, three and four until you have made 3 pieces.

Step Six:

Set the pieces together to look like a shamrock.  Attach them together by hot gluing them to a small green piece of felt.  Another way, as I did here, is cut 2 1-inch pieces of green ribbon and attach it to that as shown.  These photos are showing the back of the shamrock.
This is the front of the shamrock after glued together.

Step Seven:

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to cover the clip.  Singe the ends and attach to the clip using E-6000 glue or hot glue.  I prefer using the E-6000 glue for this.

Step Eight:

Attached finished shamrock to ribbon covered clip using hot glue.  I added a little bling to spice it up a bit.  (I made 2 different sizes, in the shamrock on the top I used 4-inch pieces instead of 3-inch.  I prefer the bottom shamrock, using 3-inch pieces.)

We went outside to take some pictures because it was an unusually beautiful day here, but it was super windy! 
This clip is very easy to make and it really took me less than 20 minutes!
I hope you will give it a try!

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  1. Oh..very sweet! great tutorial! Thank you for sharing at Uncommon! Bonnie ;)