Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Picture Me Domestic---My Self Portrait

I was inspired by this Picture Me Domestic, a self portrait contest that consists of one taking their own picture in their domestic and everyday setting. 

There will be three winners, who will each receive a prize from Pick Your Plum! I totally love it!

I am going to enter, humbly, of course, as I do not consider myself a creative or even competent photographer. 

So, here we go...

The photo is meant to show how and who you are in your domesticity every day.  Being domestic to me is, first, being a Mom, then being a wife, then attempting to be a home keeper, cook, gardener, etc:-)  In that order!

With 3 kiddos running around, it can get pretty chaotic and loud at times!  But amongst the chaos, there is always time for a quiet moment...like when someone needs first-aid.  Usually a kiss will do the trick, or maybe a colorful band-aid or two or three. 
Sometime a little more is needed, as in this case:

attempting to remove a sliver out of my little guys foot...

My tweezers came to the rescue and saved the little foot, along with a band-aid, of course!  This is just one moment in a crazy day in my life, a life that I look back on at night while the everyone is sleeping and the house is quiet, and thank God for!

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1 comment:

  1. Sweet Photo! Found you over at the contest- so fun!! Your tweezers and Band aid saved the day Mom! Nice job!! :)